OPINION / Rod Morri asks if in a keen interest in golf design makes him a golf snob

There was a lot of discussion about the host course of the US PGA Championship and whether it was worthy of hosting a major. Did holding the opinion it wasn’t make you a golf snob?

As a one-man show here, I’m not always capable of keeping on top of some of the golf talk around the periphery of golf as much as I’d like. But some things need to be shared around and discussed no matter how long ago they were topical. ‘Cause some things, like this article from Rod Morri at iseekgolf.com remain topical for a long time.

The US PGA Championship at Bellerive Country Club in St.Louis copped some flak from golf fans for hosting a major championship on what appeared to be a fairly mundane, uninteresting layout. In in turn, those handing out the criticism were criticized for criticizing a golf course (and tournament) that produced such a gripping finale. One that of course was helped by the name Woods appearing on a Sunday leaderboard.

Indeed some of the criticism of the criticizers was that you’re a golf snob if you make some harsh judgments about golf courses, preferring some over others. And in this case, preferring the majors to be hosted on well designed golf courses.

Morri asks “Am I A Golf Snob?” and begins:

“I like golf courses. I like them more than any of the myriad other elements of the game that capture the attention of my fellow golfers, such as equipment or swing theory or professional golf.

I like them because to me, they are the absolute core of the game, the reason for playing.

In the eyes of some, however, this apparently makes me a ‘snob’. Not for the first time, I saw this term used last week during some discussion about Bellerive, host venue of the PGA Championship.

Many (me included) felt Bellerive was not a particularly interesting course and not worthy of hosting one of the men’s game’s four most important events.

Go and read the full article over at iseekgolf.com and let us know what you think; is he a golf snob?

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