No Laying Up Tees Off Down Under: Tourist Sauce in Australia Begins

American golf podcasters No Laying Up have kicked off their much-anticipated “Tourist Sauce” adventure in Australia with the release of their inaugural episode.

The inaugural season of No Laying Up’s Tourist Sauce showcased Australian golf in 2018 and kicked off what has become must-watch YouTube content for golf heads like us.

The No Laying Up team returned to Australia to dive deeper into the country’s golfing treasures and they’ve released the first episode, spotlighting iconic courses such as Cape Wickham, Royal Melbourne, Royal Adelaide, and New South Wales Golf Club.

The No Laying Up crew are a laid-back, likeable bunch of blokes and their off-course adventures are often just as much fun as the on-course stuff. Let’s face it, watching international tourists experiencing the Australian way of life is one of our favourite past times.

The first episode is all about their arrival in Australia and the first few days playing the ultra-unique Bondi Golf Club and the famous New South Wales Golf Club.

From the YouTube video description:

The gang returns to Australia to explore a few cities and courses that didn’t make the list in Season 1. Our first stop is Sydney, where we check in on brawny New South Wales GC and the charming Bondi Golf and Diggers short course.

The final stretch of the first episode delves into their round at the esteemed New South Wales Golf Club, albeit with a tad too much focus on the less interesting opening three holes. Guided by Scott Warren from Australian Golf Passport, viewers are treated to a captivating glimpse into the rich history of this renowned Australian golfing landmark

Watch the full first episode below and stay tuned for more highlights from their Australian expedition, set to unfold in the coming months.

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