R&A, USGA begin to address “increased hitting distances and course lengthening” in professional golf

Golf’s governing bodies the R&A and USGA released a statement that included the curiously named “Areas of Interest” that signals the beginning of their intent to roll back the increase in distances the golf ball is going in professional golf.

The Areas of Interest are outlined as potential changes to the way golf ball testing is achieved, and the introduction of local rules designed to minimise the effect of the “spring-like effect and moment of inertia in drivers”.

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Zach Johnson accidentally hits his golf ball during practice swing

Newly installed Ryder Cup captain and two-time major champion, Zach Johnson did something more reminiscent of a weekend hacker.

This is just weird. Zach Johnson accidentally hit his golf ball during his practice swing at THE PLAYERS Championship.

In the video below, you can see the toe of Johnson’s driver hit the ball on his practice swing and it careers off into the crowd.

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GOLF RULES What happens when your ball comes to rest against a rake?

Here is a simple, visual explainer on what happens when your golf ball finishes up against a bunker rake.

Australian golf rules guru David Blake has been answering a series of questions at his GolfRules Questions YouTube Channel. You can also follow him on Facebook and Instagram, and there’s already a stack of great content – a lot of it concerning the commonly misunderstood rules of golf.

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Cruel lip-out leads to one-stroke penalty after golfer takes too long to hit putt

Korea’s Seonghyeon Kim finished his final round at The CJ Cup this morning in controversial circumstances.

Faced with a four-foot putt for birdie at the 18th hole, Kim’s golf ball cruelly lipped out and sat precariously on the edge of the hole.


Seonghyeon Kim was assessed a one-stroke penalty for his ball falling into the hole on No.

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New local rule to limit length of golf club to 46-inches

A new local golf rule can be used to limit the length of a golf club to 46-inches, and Phil Mickelson isn’t happy.

In the first step (and hopefully not the last) to curb the distances that modern, elite golfers are hitting the golf ball, governing bodies have announced the introduction of a local rule to limit the length of a golf club that will come into effect on January 1, 2022.

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GOLF RULES Playing opposite-handed to get free relief

Golf Australia’s golf rules guru David Blake has been going through a bunch of golf rules as part of Under The Card’s YouTube channel and this one may surprise you.

If it’s considered reasonable that you would have to play a shot opposite-handed, but you’re stance or swing is being interfered with by an immovable obstruction such as a cart path for example, then you’re entitled to free relief.

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