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Adam Scott practices at Royal Troon, and it all looks flawless

The 2024 Open Championship is approaching, beginning Thursday, July 18. To prepare for the event, Adam Scott has been practicing at this year’s host course, Royal Troon.

Wearing an all-white attire, Adam Scott, his swing, and the Royal Troon Golf Club present a striking picture. If you are not already envious of those attending the world’s oldest major golf championship, you will be after viewing these images.

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GOLF PROPERTY FOR SALE Swing It mini-golf and driving range in Ballina

Looking for a tree change? And maybe a move into the golf industry? check out this property for sale.

Swing It Golf driving range and mini-golf in Ballina is looking for expressions of interest from potential buyers. Located just off the Pacific Highway not far from the Byron Ballina Airport, this golf centre has a brand new mini-golf course to go alongside its new driving range hitting bays and virtual golf simulator.

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Netflix Confirms Sequel to ‘Happy Gilmore’ Starring Adam Sandler

Netflix has announced the development of a sequel to the 1996 comedy “Happy Gilmore,” with Adam Sandler reprising his iconic role as the unorthodox golfer.

The original film, directed by Dennis Dugan and co-written by Sandler and Tim Herlihy, has remained a beloved classic for nearly three decades and golf fans in particular got excited after the announcement via Netflix on Twitter.

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Adam Scott now owns a new Australian Pickleball team franchise

Professional golf to professional pickleball seems like a natural transition for Adam Scott.

From the Department of “That’s Not Really Golf But anyway…” comes the curious news that Adam Scott is officially now an owner of a new Australian Pickleball team franchise.

Often referred to as the fastest-growing sport in the US, the sport of pickleball is slowly seeping into Australia with courts popping up all over the country.

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TikTok’s Golf Goblin: Making a par isn’t easy

Watching the pros is great, but don’t miss out on the entertaining hacks of some of the golfers on Tiktok.

It’s taken some time but there are now a bunch of fun people making some fun Australian golf content on Tiktok. If I ever get around to it, I’ll make a list of those you should be following, but for the moment you should follow theGolfGoblin whose battle with golf is equally hilarious and brutal to watch.

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9 Unique Golf Game Formats You May Not Know About

Discover 10 lesser-known golf formats that add spice and variety to your next day on the golf course.

Golf isn’t just about perfect swings and serious competition; it’s also about camaraderie, laughter, and exploring the playful side of the game.

While many golfers are familiar with the standard stroke play and match play formats, there’s a whole world of creative and unconventional formats waiting to be discovered.

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