DISTANCE DIFFERENCE Hickory versus modern golf clubs

South African Brandon Stone took part in a little hickory versus modern golf clubs challenge, and the results are perhaps, unsurprising.

Like Lucas Herbert’s test with the hickories, Stone’s numbers are much lower with the old golf clubs than with the new ones.

It’d be nice to see the numbers with modern golf balls, but the role of technology on how far the golf ball is going is clear.

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Wolf Golf Scorecard keeps track of everything you need to play Wolf

Points, teams, lone wolf’s and tee positions are all tracked in the Wolf Golf Scorecard app available for Android users.

Australian golfers don’t gamble on the golf course as much as American golfers, so it’s likely you’ve never heard of the game Wolf.

It’s a golf format game for 4 four players, where you are playing for an amount of money per hole.

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Check out these old classic ABC TV Australian Open golf intros

Journey back to the days when golf on TV began with big band music, floating graphics and checkerboard fades.

We stumbled upon a bunch of old, classic TV intros for Australian Open’s of yesteryear and thought they were worth a share.

Specifically, here are the opening spots for the ABC TV Sports coverage of the 1979, 1984 and 1987 Australian Opens.

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