About me and Aussie Golfer

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I’m Michael Green, the creator of Aussie Golfer since 2007. This platform has evolved into a go-to for golf enthusiasts, offering the latest news, product reviews, swing tips, rule reminders, and fantastic golfing destinations across Australia.

My journey in golf began in Adelaide, where my Dad and Grandad introduced me to the game. Those summer holidays on the golf course taught me patience, the rules of competitive golf, and the art of persuading others to collect practice balls on the range.

While university, travel, and late nights temporarily disrupted my golf routine in the late ’90s, intermittent rounds reminded me of my passion. Living in a small Massachusetts town, I fell in love with Taconic Golf Club, a charming New England course, reigniting my passion for golf.

Upon returning to Australia, I settled in Sydney to work in neuroscience, rejoined a golf course, and delved back into the game. Aussie Golfer sprouted from a desire to discuss the everyday concerns of the average golfer who enjoys a post-round drink. Today, it covers tour news, handicapping updates, and golf weekend getaway suggestions.

Golf’s traditions and integrity are special, but I believe in adding a touch of fun and irreverence to the game. I hope you enjoy the site, and please feel free to reach out with ideas, feedback, tips, or just to say hello.