New Golf AI Rules Assistant launched by the team at Play Today

A new website has integrated AI with the Rules of Golf to provide quick answers for golfers wanting to know how to proceed on the golf course.

The virtual golf website Play Today has launched a beta version of a new golf AI rules assistant.

The idea is that Play Today has integrated AI into a chat-based website dedicated to the Rules of Golf making it easier to quickly understand the correct procedure on the golf course without having to negotiate the full set of golf rules.

In a media release published on the Golf Industry Central website, the new AI algorithm links all of the related sections of the rules of golf and includes it in one chat-based platform.

Play Today has solved a centuries-long dilemma – how to make sense of the golf rules. Not only has the Australian-based company unlocked a complicated and nuanced problem, but they’ve gone a step further to enable frictionless and fun ways for consumers to interact with the golf, elevating the game to a new level.

Ask me anything regarding golf rules:

    • “I’m in the bunker and have moved the sand behind the ball. Any penalty?“
    • “My partner hit my ball, what’s the ruling?“
    • “Help, I missed the green and ended up in the water. What should I do?“

You can test out the beta version of the Golf AI Rules Assistant now. The site allows for more detailed, slower responses to questions as well as a mode allowing for any chat about anything related to golf.

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