Check out this mesmerising, magic drone footage over Kingston Heath

Kingston Heath is one of the world’s best golf courses and this video shows off its greatness in just over two minutes.

Golf Australia Magazine’s Top-100 golf course rankings will be out next month. We’ll get to see how Australian golf courses are ranked once again and begin the biannual debate over which courses are the best, which courses have soared up the rankings and which ones are stiff to miss out. (Full disclaimer: I’m one of the judges).

What isn’t in doubt is the prestige of Kington Heath Golf Club which will be ranked in the top-5 and it is on full display here in a wonderful short video from the team at Under The Card.

Click play, hit ‘fullscreen’, sit back and relax to a couple of minutes of drone footage over one of the best golf courses in the world.

What you’re seeing here is golf architecture a world away from what we’re used to seeing each week on the PGA Tour. This course includes fairway bunkers actually in play, short grass around the greens, and often allows for more than one trajectory to get the ball onto the greens.

This should be turned into a 2-hour ASMR experience.

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