Read ESPN’s feature article on The Secret History of Tiger Woods

If you’ve got a spare half hour, this is a worthwhile read on how Tiger Woods’ life unravelled after his father’s death.

Wright Thompson has written a heavily researched feature article on Tiger Woods’ obsession with the military, details his downfall after his father died and basically presents the 14-time major champion as one lonely-looking person.

Thompson chats to Navy SEALS and a whole host of people that swung in and out of Tiger Woods’ life including Michael Jordan who seems as close to Woods as anyone:

He hears everything. For Tiger, this dwelling on old mistakes is a path to madness. Nothing can take him back to 2006 and give him a second chance. “That bothers him more than anything,” Jordan says. “It looms. It’s in his mind. It’s a ship he can’t right and he’s never going to. What can you do? The thing is about T-Dub, he cannot erase. That’s what he really wants. He wants to erase the things that happened.”

“He has …” Jordan says, and he pauses, searching for the right word, “… no companion. He has to find that happiness within his life, that’s the thing that worries me. I don’t know if he can find that type of happiness. He’s gonna have to trust somebody.”

It’s a long, fascinating read, presented nicely too. Check out the full piece over at ESPN.

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