PHOTO / Golfers play on as volcano erupts behind them

That photo of the golfers playing while the volcano erupts behind is real.

Golfers play on at the Volcano Golf and Country Club while the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island erupts behind them (Photo credit: Mario Tama / Getty Images)

This photo of a couple of golfers playing on while a volcano erupts behind them seems so extraordinary that we’ve been reluctant to share it.

It looks so extraordinary, and potentially so photoshopped that we wanted to make sure it was verified and knew the story behind it before we went and shared it down this trustworthy website. After all, there have been a few sneaky photos taken before.

So when the Boston Globe found the real story behind the photo – we read, and now share with certainty.

Interestingly, the photo was taken at the Volcano Golf and Country Club on Hawaii’s Big Island by photographer Mario Tama after he went to the course to get a good view of the plumes.

“I thought no one else would be golfing,” Tama said.

That’s when someone called out to him.

“I was trying to get that shot, and as I was shooting, I heard these guys call out to me that I was in the way of their game and could I step aside,” Tama said, laughing. “They were very gracious about it. Obviously, it didn’t occur to me that I was impeding on someone’s game. So I walked over to the left and got some shots of them as they were teeing off.”

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