Hannah Green and Steph Kyriacou face off in Random Club Challenge

Ahead of this week’s Chevron Championship in Texas, Australian golfers Steph Kyriacou and Hannah Green faced off in a Ramdon Golf Club Challenge.

The premise of the challenge is that each player spins a wheel before their shot to determine which golf club they must use for the following shot.

It’s a fun concept and always good content. And it’s particularly good when Steph Kyriacou is offering up some good ol’ Aussie phrases. She doesn’t hide her disgust at being dealt a few difficult clubs to work with.

An incredible nine Australians are competing at this week’s major championship. Joining Kyriacou and Green in the field at the Chevron Championship are Minjee Lee, Grace Kim, Sarah Kemp, Gabriela Ruffels, Hira Naveed, Hira Naveed, and Karis Davidson.

All nine Australians will have their work cut out trying to stop Nelly Korda who is aiming to become the first player in 50 years to win a fifth consecutive LPGA title.

Check out how to watch the Chevron Championship.

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