Greg Norman is hitting golf balls again and swinging “like a rusty gate”

A shirtless Greg Norman is hitting golf balls again and offered a self-lesson on his rusty swing.

Swinging like a rusty gate after months away…#ouch #F’inghurts

A video posted by Greg Norman (@shark_gregnorman) on

Greg Norman doesn’t have much time or desire to play much golf these days but in between picking up palm fronds after Hurricane Matthew and rebranding his business The Shark is back hitting a golf balls in preparation for the annual Franklin Templeton Shootout that he hosts in early December.

A shirtless Norman posted a few images on Instagram, one is a small movie (above) and the other offered a self-assessment on his swing.

“Self lesson:
Hands too far from my body at impact. Left shoulder too high. Left hip needs to rotate out of the way more when I do that my right knee will be more towards the ball. Another way to think about it, get my belly button facing the target more at impact. Need to stretch”

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