Watch this golfer try and play a bunker shot over a kangaroo: video

Ever played a bunker shot with a kangaroo between you and the golf hole?

Inside Golf reported on this hilarious incident in their June 2015 issue and we’ve managed to find the video.

Playing the fifth hole at the Noosa Golf Club late last year, a golfer found his ball in a green-side bunker that was being guarded by one of the local kangaroos.

A clearly relaxed ‘roo wasn’t going anywhere and the golfer was forced to play the his ball as it lay, with the kangaroo sitting directly between his golf ball and the hole.

Perhaps not surprisingly he bunker shot was a poor one. The disinterested kangaroo copped a spray of sand and the ball finished within a few feet of the marsupial, much to the delight of the golfers playing partners.

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