Hamish and Andy play street golf in New York with Tiger Hood

Tiger Hood is well known on the streets of New York. Hamish & Andy him for a bit of street golf.

Back in 2011, Aussie comedy duo Hamish and Andy produced a TV show called “Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year”.

The show featured a bunch of skits from their time in the US and one particular sketch featuring Andy’s love of golf has been resurrected on Youtube this past Masters’ week.

From the blurb that comes with the video:

Andy certainly won’t be competing in the US Masters this week, but he has once played against that famous golfer named Tiger …surname rhymes with ‘goods’.

Andy is a golf tragic, and in the video below he was set up by his mate Hamish to play a game of street golf against “Tiger Hood” in the middle of New York City.

It’s good fun and in some ways, it preceded all those endless golf trick shot videos you don’t have to search far to find on Tiktok, Instagram and YouTube.

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