A golfer won a tournament using a self-standing putter

The self-standing putter is no longer a gimmick after it was used to win a golf tournament.

Former major league baseballer John Smoltz has turned the self-standing putter from a gimmick into something more golfers may be considering buying.

Smoltz won the celebrity title at the 2020 Diamond Resorts Tournament of Champions last weekend using a self-standing putter.

If you think the video of Smoltz using the putter looks photoshopped then you’re not alone.

We too thought the self-standing putter was some sort of joke when we first saw it but this is very much a real golf product that is somehow within the laws of the game.

Smoltz uses a Bloodline Golf putter and S7K also have a version. There are probably more out there.

Needless to say, it’s now created a real stir with many wondering if it’s in the spirit of the game of golf by taking out the skill in lining up and correctly standing over a putt.


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