Watch this lightning bolt rip through a tree at Women’s US Open

A lightning bolt was captured on video ripping through a tree at the Women’s US Open.

Scorching hot weather was interrupted by severe thunderstorms during the second round of the Women’s US Open Championship on Friday.

Not long after the horn had sounded to suspend play at the Country Club of Charleston in South Carolina, this lightning bolt discharged itself via a tree not far from the 18th green.

And it was incredibly captured on camera.

Remarkably no one was injured in any way but the bolt sent nearby journalists and golf fans diving for cover. It left a huge scar in the ground and down either side of the tree that you can see in images shared around on Twitter below.

The tree was effectively sheared in half by the lightning bolt and was removed overnight by club and tournament officials for safety reasons.

If you needed any further reminder not to take refuge under a tree during a thunderstorm, then please take note.

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