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Tiger Woods Announces End of 27-Year Partnership with Nike

Tiger Woods officially ends his 27-year partnership with Nike, signaling a pivotal shift in the golf icon’s sponsorship affiliations and raising speculation about his future brand partnerships.

Tiger Woods recently confirmed the conclusion of his 27-year-long association with sportswear giant Nike.

The 15-time major champion, who has been a Nike ambassador since turning professional in 1996, publicly acknowledged the end of this enduring partnership.

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Elevate Your Golf Style: The Golf Society Fuses Fashion and Performance

In the changing world of golf style and fashion, The Golf Society stands as a beacon of sophistication and authenticity.

As an Australian-owned family business for over 10 years, The Golf Society curates a distinctive selection of premier golf fashion brands. From classics to cutting-edge newcomers, the online store is a one-of-a-kind in Australia that introduces you to a world of high-end golf styles.

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Vice Golf launch their 2023 apparel range

Vice Golf has launched three new subcollections for 2023 and they’re a breath of fresh air for fairways around the world.

Press release via Vice Golf

At Vice Golf, we want everyone to tee off in their own style. Our 2023 Apparel launch challenges the notion that golf wear has to be dull.

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REVIEW Goodr Tiger Blood Transfusion golf sunglasses

We picked up a pair of one of Goodr’s golf sunglasses to try test out on the fairways and they weren’t quite what we were expecting. But that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Goodr sunglasses launched as an inexpensive, light option for runners who up until this point were frustrated by more expensive ones that would bounce around as they ran.

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