NEXBELT REVIEW / The golf belt with no holes and one very cool belt buckle

We have been lucky enough to test out Nexbelt’s Fast Eddie golf belt over the past month and we’re excited to tell you about it.

If you’ve watched Marc Leishman on the PGA Tour this year you may have spotted him wearing a Fast Eddie Nexbelt. Marketed as ‘The Belt With No Holes’, we’ve been lucky enough to test out this belt across a few rounds of golf and we’re pretty stoked with this one.

You may be thinking that there really can’t be much difference from one golf belt to the next, but the Fast Eddie Nexbelt stands out from the rest primarily based on two cool features.

The belt with no holes
The Nexbelt features a very cool ratchet system which allows you to adjust the width of the belt with 1/4″ adjustments. Without using a hook and holes of a regular belt, it gives the Nexbelt a sleek, neat look while allowing for more precise adjustments.

But the kicker was the surprise that lies behind the belt buckle.

The buckle surprise
Behind the distinct ‘X’ on the Nexbelt buckle lies a couple of cool extras that we were surprised to see when we first opened the case. The buckle lid is held on with magnets and a simple flip down reveals a ball marker and divot repair tool/bottle opener!

It took me a while to remember I had the ball marker in the belt buckle but once I’d gotten into the groove, it not only raised a few eyebrows but had playing partners wondering where they could get one.

The Fast Eddie Nexbelt is a great golf belt that is as slick as you’ll find on the market. With a few extra cool features hidden in the belt that sees it stand out from the rest.

And if it’s good enough for Marc Leishman, it’s good enough for us.

The Fast Eddie Nexbelt comes in two colours (white and black) and retails for $100. You can grab yourself one via who will donate $1 from the sale of every Nexbelt to non-profit organisation, Challenge – supporting kids with cancer.

The Fast Eddie Nexbelt was provided for review by Lyle Apparel.

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