Tiger Woods announces new “Sun Day Red” clothing brand

Following the split with Nike, golf icon Tiger Woods has unveiled his own Sun Day Red brand at this week’s Genesis Invitational hosted at Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles.

Tiger Woods and Nike parted ways earlier in the year marking the end of a long-standing 27-year partnership. However, it didn’t take long for Woods to establish his independent brand in the golfing world with the reveal of his new line of clothing.

As Tiger Woods takes on the role of playing host at the Genesis Invitational this week, the 15-time major champion used the moment to launch his new “Sun Day Red” line of golf clothing.

That’s right, Sun Day. Two words. The website is up already. And although the announcement was made today, the line of clothing isn’t actually available until May.

In some respects, it was an announcement about an upcoming launch.

Tiger Woods had been teasing golf fans about a big reveal for weeks with some clever sleuths discovering the new logo online after it was filed for trademark approval.

The new line of clothing features not only the controversial “Sun Day Red” brand name but a tiger logo with stripes representing all 15 of Woods’ major victories.

Woods chatted to the media during the launch announcement and recounted the reason he began wearing red on a Sunday in the first place.

“It started with mom. Mom thought being a Capricorn that my power color was red, so I wore red as a junior golfer and I won some tournaments. Lo and behold, I go to a university that is red, Stanford is red,” Woods said.

“We wore red on the final day of every single tournament, and then every single tournament I’ve played as a professional I’ve worn red. It’s just become synonymous with me.”

As far as we know, the new Sun Day Red range won’t be restricted to just golf apparel with a range of t-shirts, hoodies and footwear also slated to go on sale.

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