REVIEW Goodr Tiger Blood Transfusion golf sunglasses

We picked up a pair of one of Goodr’s golf sunglasses to try test out on the fairways and they weren’t quite what we were expecting. But that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Goodr sunglasses launched as an inexpensive, light option for runners who up until this point were frustrated by more expensive ones that would bounce around as they ran.

Combined with their slick website, funky product names and a snappy business model, Goodr got popular very quickly within the running community who up until this point had been purchasing cheap sunnies of the kind you may find at the local petrol station.

Now here was a relatively cheap alternative with decent lenses that didn’t bounce around so much as they ran.

Goodr has expanded their range to now include sunglasses aimed at golfers and I thought I’d give one of them a spin on the golf course.

At $49 delivered I jumped at the chance to purchase a pair of the Tiger Blood Transfusion sunglasses (before February 23 we might add) and while the red and black design is striking, it was the lenses themselves that caughtmy eye. (See what I did there?)

The polarised, UV protected lenses don’t block nearly as much light as you may be expecting. While overall glare is reduced the effect is essentially just red tinting.

If you’re inside it looks like you’re wearing reading glasses with red lenses.

It took me a while to enjoy wearing these on the golf course. I really wanted a little more light reduction than what the Tiger Blood Transfusions offered. But I did start to appreciate that a large reduction in sunlight isn’t always what golfers want as it can become more difficult to judge distances, watch the ball and read greens.

In summary, the Goodr Tiger Blood Transfusions are light, very comfortable and offer reduced glare without compromising on visibility.

However, I was hoping I would also want to wear them while driving the car or heading down to the beach. As cool as they look, they don’t block out enough sunlight for me to want to do that.

For golf they’re ok. Not so much for anything else.

You can check out the full range of Goodr sunglasses available in Australia at

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