MiScore golf scoring app launches new features, featuring Ron Chopper

The MiScore golf scoring app has evolved from a simple digital scorecard to a comprehensive platform with enhanced statistical and social features, as highlighted in a recent video by Ron Chopper.

The MiScore golf scoring app has made significant advancements in recent years. Initially developed to transition Australian golf club competition scoring from traditional pencil and scorecard methods to an online platform, it has now expanded to include a variety of statistical and social features.

Ron Chopper highlights these newly added features in a recent video. In addition to the traditional golf scorecard and interactive GPS distance functionalities, the app now offers the ability to record the number of putts, social scoring options, and the capability to track side matches with other your other golf mates.

One of the notable new features is the private competition functionality, allowing users to create a tournament scoring system and leaderboard for themselves and their friends. The introduction of the multi-round feature is particularly noteworthy, providing a convenient way to keep track of scores over multiple rounds during golf trips.

MiScore is available for download on both Android and iOS devices. Subscription to MiScore is often included as part of a golf club membership, but it can also be tried for free for 14 days, with an annual fee of $19.49 thereafter.

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