Australian company launch sleeves for sun protection on the golf course

The sun safe solution for outdoor workers and outdoor enthusiasts this summer.

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Skin cancer does not discriminate. Cancer Council Australia is reporting that two-thirds of Australians are diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70, and that melanoma is the most common cancer diagnosed in Australians aged 15 to 29.

According to Mimi Lee, that is why sun safety solutions company, SParms, has revolutionised their iconic Sun Sleeves for outdoor workers.

Mimi Lee is the founding director of SParms (Sun Protection Arm Sleeves), which is the number one brand in sun protection sleeves in the golfing space – with more than 300 professional athletes wearing their products daily.

“Athletes aren’t the only ones spending their days under the harsh Australian rays, we have a huge number of outdoor workers in our country and they need sun protection too,” Lee said. “In fact, with so many people being locked up inside due to COVID, we are going to see more people out and about than ever before.

“There are many things we can do to prevent sun damage to our skin. Taking care daily and habitually making it a routine to protect our skin is the best way of preventing any damage from occurring. However, sometimes these protocols aren’t enough. Wearing long sleeved shirts can become incredibly hot and uncomfortable, slopping on sunscreen can become costly and unrealistic with reapplication, and slapping on a hat leaves your arms exposed to the sun – which accounts for 15 percent of our skin’s surface area. That is why we developed our SParms Arm Sleeves.”

According to Lee, SParms have just released their classic SParms Arm Sleeves in a new hi-vis colour range – making them perfect for the outdoor worksite and recreational activities like cycling where cyclists are using roads and pathways.

“We created our new hi-vis range with the Australian tradie in mind. These sleeves benefit outdoor workers with the unique combination of SPF protection and the high visibility colouring. They have been designed so that they provide sun protection outdoors but can be easily taken off when indoors,” Lee said.

“SParms sleeves are perfect for outdoor workers wearing a short sleeve shirt to protect their arms from harmful UV rays. They’re made from a patented Italian fabric, providing the optimal comfort to anyone who wears them.”

According to Lee, SParms Arm Sleeves, including their hi-vis range, are accredited with a UPF50+ by ARPANSA, preventing 98 percent of UVA and UVB rays. SParms sun protection pieces are recommended by medical experts to help prevent skin cancer and melanoma.

“Our sleeves are built for outdoor activity. They are lightweight, moisture wicking, breathable and quick dry. Not to mention they are soft and gentle on the skin with a cooling effect,” Lee added.

“The added benefit of hi viz colours means that regardless of where you are working, riding or jogging, you will be seen and this is very important for people moving around work sites, traffic and other people.”

SParms is a proud Australian company from the Gold Coast, Queensland – the country’s sunshine state. Blessed with sunshine all year round, Queenslanders’ take sun safety seriously.

“SParms was born in 2010 to provide an innovative solution in sun safety. The industry had not changed a lot in the previous decade, and we were still seeing obvious holes in the sun protection message,” Lee said.

“Our design concept is derived from safe designs that are comfortable, adaptive and sustainable, with the key feature of offering maximum sun protection. We design high-tech apparel for sports, leisure and work because we are passionate about changing the tune on sun safety under our Australian rays.”

Mimi Lee is a powerhouse businessperson with a history and qualifications in business, law and accounting. Her passion for building brands and positively impacting the lives of people across the planet has also lead to her founding and directing luxury retreating and wellness centre, Retreat Wellness, as well as leading elite golf academy, Ankgolf International Golf Academy.

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