Mark Wahlberg denied by Sydney golf club for wearing black socks

Mark Wahlberg was denied entry to Sydney’s Elanora Country Club for wearing black socks, which did not comply with the club’s dress code requiring white socks.

American actor Mark Wahlberg found himself at odds with Sydney’s Elanora Country Club over his choice of socks during a recent golf outing. The 52-year-old actor, who has been in Sydney filming his new movie “Play Dirty,” was denied access to the exclusive Northern Beaches club due to his black socks not adhering to the club’s dress code.

Elanora Country Club’s general manager, Cathy Neagle, confirmed the incident, stating, “We have dress standards that include white socks.” Wahlberg complied with the club’s request to change into a pair of white socks supplied by the club’s store and was subsequently allowed to play.

While Wahlberg was amenable to the change, he later took to Instagram to express his surprise and humour about the dress code requirement.

In a video posted on his Instagram page, Wahlberg, wearing his athleisure brand Municipal, mockingly imitated an Aussie accent, saying, “Socks not allowed on every golf course in Australia, believe it or not. Some courses require you to wear white socks. These are gym socks, man! What?!”

The incident has drawn attention to the strict dress codes maintained by some Australian golf clubs, even for high-profile visitors like Wahlberg. But as we know, this isn’t the first time exclusive Australian golf clubs have been put in the spotlight over black socks.

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