Pro golfer denied for wearing black socks, banned for sharing on Twitter

The issue of archaic golf club dress codes has seen a pro golfer banned after going public with his grievance.

Australian professional golfer and commentator Ewan Porter decided to forego a round of golf at one of Sydney’s premier golf courses because he was informed he wouldn’t be able to play in black socks.

Requiring white socks to play (despite playing in black shoes, and shorts we’re assuming), Porter shared the story on Twitter saying, “out of principle, I’d prefer not to play than bow to archaic rules”.

It seems that Porter did ultimately bow to the local rules and did play in white socks, and ended up winning the comp. But then couldn’t claim the prize.

And for making it all public, Porter was then banned from playing at the club in future.

The editors of Australian Golf Digest published an interesting discussion piece on the controversy including right for a private golf club to enforce whatever golf attire rules they like.

All of that said, when I’m going to a place where I know there are rules, I make sure to follow them. Do I like them? No, but I follow them, because it’s usually pretty simple stuff to follow. Don’t change your shoes in the carpark. Take your hat off inside. Tuck your shirt in.

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