Check out Kingston Heath’s plan for a spectacular short course

Are we entering the age of the short golf course?

Mooted for decades as a way to increase participation, help time-poor golfers and encourage new people to play, shorter golf courses are only now beginning to come to fruition.

Several great short courses such as the 12-hole concept, par-3 tracks and mini-golf are only now emerging on the Australian golf landscape such as Bougle Run, and a swathe of fantastic mini-golf courses around the country.

Under The Card have released a video on behalf of Kingston Heath of a planned short course to be constructed on the western side of the property.

The video begins with an aerial view of the property before flying in over an artistic rendering of what the completed project may look like.

I’m still bemused there isn’t more of this in Australian golf. Not just at private golf clubs but across suburban Australia in general.

Perhaps we wouldn’t have seen the decline in golf participation had these been constructed 30 years ago.

Check this out though, if they can get close to replicating these digitalized visuals, it’ll be spectacular.

3 thoughts on “Check out Kingston Heath’s plan for a spectacular short course

  • Trying to work out where that is – is that the practice fairway beside the 18th?

  • Latrobe golf clubs in Alphington has already been constructed, opens in November…

  • I have been saying that for years short courses are the way to go


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