Hundreds of kangaroos bounce across golf course in a “fair dinkum stampede”

Golfers at The Heritage Golf and Country Club in the Yarra Valley were shocked when hundreds of kangaroos decided to make their way across the golf course – all at once.

Local member Stephen Roche captured what he called a “fair dinkum stampede” and shared the site of the gigantic mob of kangaroos bouncing across the golf course.

“They better not stand on my golf ball,” Roche remarked.

While this sort of sight is nothing new for many Australian farmers, the sheer number of kangaroos moving all at once across a golf course is a novel thing to see for golfers. Roche assured everyone that there was no damage to the golf course, as soft-footed animals the only sign of their presence was left in the bunkers.

Perhaps the only other time we’ve seen something like this is at Queenscliff Golf Club on the Bellarine Peninsula. In that case, they damaged the golf course as they feasted on newly seeded fairways.

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