GOLF SHOE REVIEW The slick G/FORE Patriot Disruptor golf shoes

We have a new contender for the most comfortable, street style golf shoe.

The switch to street style golf fashion was long overdue and we’ve embraced it here at Aussie Golfer. After spending our junior years in traditional cleat golf shoes, we’re now firmly in the street golf shoe camp.

No longer are we making the golf shoe switch in the club car park or worried about how we look when we’re refuelling the car on the way home.

But like all shoes, some are more comfortable than others.

When the team at The Golf Society asked us to try out the G/FORE Patriot Disruptor golf shoes we didn’t hesitate. And after a couple of rounds in these wheels, we were always going to share a review.

Without knowing much about the G/FORE brand, we immediately loved the deep blue (Twilight) waterproof leather look. This modern, classic street style golf shoe could look as much at home on a skateboard or at the local bar as they do on the golf course.

And that cheeky phrase written into the bottom of the soles provides you with a little extra incentive hold the pose at the end of the golf swing.

Having never worn G/FORE golf shoes before I had never experienced the rippled inner sole, or as G/FORE refer to it; the textured Ortholite sockliner. It takes a few holes of getting used to but it’s like an on-course massage for the soles of your feet and ours have never felt as comfortable after a round of golf.

The Patriot Disruptors are seriously light for a solid, leather golf shoe with a sole that offers great traction and support during, and in between golf shots. We’ve worn them most of the winter and while we’ve tested them only sparingly in moist conditions, we’ve yet to experience any slips whatsoever.

Just be aware that the G/Fore Disruptors may be a little narrow for golfers with wider feet, especially towards the toes. I’ve got narrow feet and I’m fine but any wider and people may not be as comfortable.

The Golf Society, for example, have a 21-day returns policy if you try them on upon arrival and they aren’t quite the best fit.

If you’re after a cheap golf shoe that will last you one or two years and will just do the job without being overly comfortable, this is not what you’re after.

But if you’re looking for a high quality, very comfortable, well supported and slick looking golf shoe, then you should definitely check out the G/FORE Disruptor. It’s the best street style golf shoe we’ve ever worn.

The G/FORE Patriot Disruptors are retailing for $249.00 at The Golf Society.

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