WATCH / More great golf fitness tips with Matt Green at Precision Athletica

If I could get out to see Golf Physiotherapist Matt Green every week I would. I frst met Matt when I decided that trying out his golf pilates classes seemed like a nice topic to write an article. After that, I just kept going and my golf, and core strength was never better.

When Matt moved and the classes came to an end, that was when I really noticed just how much good the pilates classes were doing for me.

Luckily, Matt is now at Precision Athletica and he has posted a few great videos on some simple stretches and exercises to keep up your golf fitness and flexibility. Many of them you can do while in the office at work. We’ve been doing this one a lot this week. Simple and great for balance and core strength.

And here are a couple more that Matt and the Precision Athletica team posted a few weeks ago:

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