Golf Pilates classes: Core strengthening for better, longer golf

Expecting long-term gains from golf pilates classes, we found some short-term gains along the way.


Nearly every golfer I’ve ever met wants to play more golf. But as work and life encroach onto priceless time on the golf course, most of us cling to the fanciful notion that some day when the mortgage is paid off and the kids have grown up we will play as much golf as we’d like, spending more time at the golf club than we do asleep.

But what if that time comes and we’re not in the best physical shape to walk the golf course, let alone play decent golf?

At around the same time that these thoughts crossed my mind, I happened upon Matt Green’s Golf Pilates classes and saw it as an opportunity that couldn’t be missed.

Matt Green is a sports physiotherapist who has worked for the Cronulla Sharks and Parramatta Eels, as well as with Golf Australia’s development squad where he has worked with players including Jake Higginbottom and Matt Steiger.

The classes have been developed to include stretch, balance and muscle strength drills with an emphasis on the golf swing. Training golf clubs are provided to compare the feel of your golf swing before and after the drills.

With a keen interest in golf, Green he has been working with golfers for many years and has developed the classes to strengthen the core muscles required to not only deliver a solid golf swing, but ensuring you can continue to do so for a long period of time.

“The Golf Pilates classes are really more a ‘Golf Dynamic Strength’ or ‘Golf Movement Pattern’ class.” Matt said.

“The goal is to improve strength and control in the muscles that are important for golf, then incorporate them into functional exercises and drills that simulate the golf swing.”

The exercises include balance, strength, flexibility and functional golf movement pattern drills that challenge the body in golf specific patterns so will be become easier once on the golf course.

“The end result is that it will feel easier for the golfer to get into a correct golf posture in their address position, as well as move easier through their swing. This will facilitate improved performance as well as reduce the risk of a golf related injury.”

I’ve been attending these classes for over a year now and I’ve enjoyed every minute of them. (And no, I’m not related to Matt!)

Specifically, my posture over the golf ball is much better than it used to be due to an increase in muscle strength which makes it easier to support the correct position over the golf ball. I can say without doubt that my swing feels more controlled but perhaps most tellingly, restrictions in my posture and swing are now noticeable if I have missed a couple of recent classes.

The fact that my golf game has also been in good shape this year is beside the point.  I’d like to think I’m getting some short-term benefit out of these classes but the main reason I’m attending is so that I can play golf – at a decent standard – for decades to come.

For more information email Matt Green.

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  • Thanks for the recommendation. Are there similar golf pilates lessons online?


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