Undershirt range gives you that Luke Donald look

We review the Equmen undershirts, designed to help posture and give you that text book Luke Donald look.

Earlier this year I decided that my old golf swing wasn’t cutting it any more. While producing half-decent results I’d been told by a couple of physiotherapists that I’ll have back problems if I didn’t change things.

The result was a few lessons over the past winter, with a heavy focus on posture. So it was a pleasant surprise when the guys from Equmen asked me to check out their new range of golfing undershirts.

If you’ve ever been to a physio and been taped up across the back to improve posture, you’ll know where the strength of these shirts lie. They have criss-crossed compression across the back of the shirt that pulls your muscles into the correct posture position.

Luke Donald is the textbook example on correct posture over the golf ball. His straight back is almost unique among professional golfers and that’s what we should all be aiming for. I can honestly say that at the very least, the shirt gave me an extra cue over the golf ball to get the back straight and in the correct position.

It gave me that cue for the full round of golf. I walked taller and didn’t seem to be overly hot despite playing in warm conditions but most importantly, I felt more confident I was in the correct position over the ball. Less fiddling around before I played a shot.

I was surprised when playing my partners didn’t liken me to Luke Donald. My golf may have been a giveaway, but my guess is because I wasn’t wearing a visor.

If you’re struggling with your golf swing posture, or you’re keen to get it right, check out the full collection of Equmen undershirts, it may ward off a few future injuries.

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  • I’ll be on fire with one of these shirts and my powerband!!!!!!


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