REVIEW Sunday Golf bring slick, lightweight golf bags to the fairways

As an avid golfer who enjoys walking the course with a limited number of clubs, I am always searching for a lightweight and practical golf bag that can make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable. And of course, it should look good on the course as well!

Sunday Golf offers a range of small, narrow golf bags designed for golfers who prefer to play with a limited number of clubs. Their bags are not only functional but also encourage walking and carrying fewer clubs. The smallest bag holds 6 clubs, and the largest holds 10-12.

Last year, Sunday Golf launched its range of lightweight golf bags in the Australian market, and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to test one out. I have been using the El Camino, which is the largest bag in the Sunday Golf range but still narrow with a 4-way divider. We wanted to see how adaptable it would be on a golf trip that may require carrying or using a trolley or golf cart.

The entire Sunday Golf range looks fantastic, and the El Camino is no exception. It has a sleek, stylish design that turns heads on the golf course and has ample room for balls, tees, a jumper, and wet weather gear.

One of the standout features of this golf bag is its lightweight construction, making it easy to carry around the course. Even though this is the largest bag in the collection, it weighs only 1.8kgs.

After several rounds of use, we can confirm that the bag’s double straps are comfortable, the legs pop out well, the zippers are still in perfect working order, and the pockets are easily accessible, especially while walking. We particularly enjoyed the velvety valuables pocket and the two handles on the bag. The vertical handle is perfect for getting the bag in and out of the car, while the horizontal handle across the top makes deploying the legs ultra-convenient.

One minor drawback of the El Camino is the lack of provision for a single shoulder carry strap, which may not be an issue for most golfers. However, as someone who prefers the single strap, it’s an option I’d love to see.

While there are many classic-looking, lightweight golf bags available, Sunday Golf is one of the first brands to offer a full range of modern-looking, compact, carry golf bags.

The Sunday Golf El Camino lightweight golf bag is an excellent choice for golfers who prefer to play with a limited number of clubs. Its lightweight construction, good-sized pockets, and sleek design make it a great option for golfers who like to walk the course. Although the lack of a single carry strap provision is a minor negative, the double straps are still comfortable and provide excellent support. Overall, I’d highly recommend this golf bag to any golfer looking for a lightweight, functional, and stylish option.

Sunday Golf sent me an El Camino golf bag without any stipulation to review it. And of course, I don’t review anything I don’t like anyway.

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  • My wife would love to walk with me when we play but doesn’t like carrying her large bag. This would be a great alternative to using a pull cart.


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