REVIEW Making practise more fun; Golf with a Game Plan book

Want to have more fun while practising your golf game? Maybe you should add ‘Golf with a Game Plan’ to your golf bag.


We’re selective about what we review here at Aussie Golfer – stuff we like only. So when this little golf book crossed our desk last month we couldn’t resist letting you know about it.

Practising your golf game at the range or even around the putting green can quickly become boring with most of us either cutting it short, or neglecting it altogether. Timo Schlitz’ book ‘Golf with a Game Plan‘ is designed to keep practice interesting, and more importantly, fun.

Golf with a Game Plan is a small ring-bound book containing a series of games and practise drills to play out on the range or around the practice green. The idea being that we all some extra stimuli when practising our golf game, pros included. Nearly all of the practice exercises in the book are those used by professional golfers including Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Jim Furyk.

The book is superbly made. It’s has a hardy plastic cover with each exercise is printed on thick paper so you can keep it in your golf bag without worrying it’s going to get knocked about too much.

Exercises in the book cover the full game from driving to putting, and each drill is essentially a little game to keep practice fun while making sure your time is as efficient as possible. Each drill is summarised with an accompanying diagram explaining the exercise and small icons at the top of each page tell you what is needed to complete the drill and how long it will take.

There is room on each page to record how well you went to track your progress but we loved the extra tips for using the drill as a game against a fellow golfer, or better still, placing a few bets on.

Anything to tempt golfers into practising their game more is a good thing, and Golf with a Game Plan does exactly that.

You can purchase Golf with a Game Plan through the official website.

Golf with a Game Plan


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