Nick O’Hern’s new book, How to Play Your Best Golf

Nick O’Hern has launched a new book offering tips for a better mindset to make you a better golfer.

I’ve finally had a chance to catch up on a few golf podcasts, and we’re keen to direct you all to the latest episode of The Thing About Golf featuring Nick O’Hern.

O’Hern has recently published a new book – How to Play Your Best Golf – and by all reports, it’s a must-read for all golfers. Particularly for golfers who want to get better at golf. I’m assuming that’s nearly all of us.

Hosted by Rod Morri, the chat with Nick O’Hern about his life starting as a kid playing baseball to beating the best players in the world on the golf course, at one stage reaching the career best 15th best male golfer in the world.

O’Hern is all about being better every single day and lays out some habits to becoming a better golfer.

From the book description:

In this guide, highly respected pro golfer Nick O’Hern takes you through the strategies to golfing success. He reveals the key secrets of professional golfers, discusses how playing to your strengths can yield a better result, and describes all the tactics you can use to score, from course strategy and club selection to pre-game preparation and harnessing the power of mindset.

How to Play Your Best Golf is the perfect gift not only for the golfer of old but for the new generation of golfers. Packaged in a handsome hardback format with beautiful photography, this book is both practical and revealing in helping golfers reach their true potential.

I’m yet to read the book but I loved O’Hern’s last book Tour Mentality which was an incredible insight into the mind of a successful professional golfer.

Both books, How to Play Your Best Golf and Tour Mentality are available at Booktopia and many other places.

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