Aussie golfer Harrison Crowe hits greatest illegal golf shot at St. Andrews

Amateur golfer Harrison Crowe made history when he won the NSW Open in March – now he’s made his mark at St.Andrews.

Erik Anders Lang and the Random Golf Club crew have been in St.Andrews filming a bunch of stuff ahead of this year’s 150th Open Championship.

While here was there, Lang wanted to hear more about one very illegal golf shot – an iron from the Dunvegan Pub to the 18th hole on The Old Course.

It turns out the shot was played by Ernie Els at 4am one morning, and it transpired that NSW Open champion Harrison Crowe was in the pub when Lang entered and he was nominated to replicate the golf shot.

We’re not quite sure what Crowe was going at St.Andrews but we’re sure he wasn’t expecting to be playing this shot. Especially half-cut.

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