Watch these golfers get swooped by angry plovers

Stay safe golfers, it’s plover swooping season out on the golf course.

It’s that time of the year again when golfers across Australia are forced to play one of the hardest, scariest shots in golf – the golf shot when a bird is swooping.

And perhaps the scariest of all the swooping birds may well be the angry plover.

Plovers lay their eggs in holes on open ground and turn really nasty when humans intrude near the nests. And they seem to get even nastier when the human intruding is a golfer.

Here is a hilarious video doing the rounds of a golfer getting attacked by a plover at Lakelands Golf Club on the Gold Coast. And the golfer doing his best to beat off the plover using a couple of golf clubs.


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Fighting birdies 😂

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And here is another from earlier in the year of a plover attacking a few golfers near a fairway bunker. Not entirely sure where this one is though? Any ideas?

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