Tasmania’s new Arm End Golf Links looks like it will be spectacular

A new public golf course will soon be constructed on an incredible stretch of land in Tasmania.

The Craft+Mogford golf architect team at Golf Strategies look to be cooking up something special in Tasmania.

On a spectacular headland 40km south of Hobart, the early stages of a new golf course have been mapped out which will be known as Arm End Golf Links.

Arm End has seen almost all of its native vegetation cleared for farming over the years meaning non-indigenous weeds and rabbits now thrive.

The development of the site aims to restore the land with native vegetation, repair eroded cliff faces, eradicate the invasive flora and fauna, and open it up to the community.

The new public golf course will nestle in among a stack of new walking trails and bicycle ways which will feed to beaches, fishing sites and picnic spots. (Check out the Golf Arm End development plan here)

And as far as the golf goes, there is a lot to get excited about…


The Arm End Golf Links project will not only have a world-class golf course, but there are plans for a Himalayas putting course like the one at St. Andrews.

And this snippet from the Golf Strategies website on the Arm End Golf Links project:

The site for golf purposes is certainly Top 10 calibre in Australia and our task is to design and build a course that is worthy of the site. It can be quite windy at times at Arm End and the course will play very differently with different winds – the course we have routed will come in at around 6,000 metres from the rear tees, and will play at around 5,500 metres for typical public play.

The fairways will be wide from both a strategic and ease of play perspective and shaping will be minimal, our intention is to only shape tees, greens and bunkers and use the natural lay of the land for fairways.

Construction on the golf course is due to begin mid-2021.

More pics and video of this exciting project below…


One thought on “Tasmania’s new Arm End Golf Links looks like it will be spectacular

  • November 12, 2020 at 15:44

    Arm End proposed course very similar to Old Head links course in Ireland. Check it out.


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