Matt Jones forced to wear bad shirt after losing “too easy” bet

Matt Jones turned heads with his outfit at LIV Golf Adelaide. It turns out he lost a bet.

Matt Jones bad shirt

Australian golfer Matt Jones turned up to the pre-tournament function for LIV Golf Adelaide in one horrible shirt. But ti turns out it wasn’t his choice of attire. In fact, he lost a bet and was forced to wear it.

Fellow LIV Golfer Marc Leishman explained in a social media post that the Ripper GC team came up with a game ahead of their pre-tournament media conference.

While they chatted to the LIV Golf media, they would each try and slip in the phrase; “too easy”. The last one to complete the inane task would be declared the loser and forced to wear the bad shirt as punishment.

Leishman talks us through the bet below:

And the full video interview if you’re keen.

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