REVIEW The new Bushnell Tour X rangefinder

If you’re not sure your golf game is worthy of a laser rangefinder then maybe this will convince you.

We’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on the latest golf rangefinder from Bushnell and we’ve been giving it a test drive over the past few weeks.

The Bushnell Tour X rangefinder is the latest release from the leader in golf laser rangefinders and it’s a combination of all the best bits of their previous rangefinders, plus some unique added extras.

The Tour X feels great in the hand and it does everything you would expect of a laser rangefinder but in a very smart way.

You don’t need to pinpoint the exact location of the flagstick (often a concern with golfers) as the Pinseeker function allows you to just sweep over the flagstick and the in-built software will then give you a reading for the flagstick. It does so with a nice little jolt to let you know you’re locked in.

Possibly the most unique feature of the Tour X is what Bushnell calls Exchange Technology.

The rangefinder comes with two faceplates. The red one compensates for elevation changes and will give you a distance taking into account the slope towards the hole. However, this isn’t legal for competition and tournament play so it can easily be replaced with the black faceplate which doesn’t include this feature.

One of the concerns I’ve always had with using rangefinders is the potential for slowing down the pace of play, but the Tour X was fast and very easy to use. I had the neat little case clipped on to the side of my bag for easy access and it only took a few holes to find my groove with the Tour X without holding up the pace of play at all.

The distance display has reportedly been an issue with some golfers. Some prefer bright red while others prefer black and depending on the weather conditions one if often more favourable than the other. Well the Tour X has a switch to interchange between both – so everyone is now happy.

I’ve heard some people question whether a laser rangefinder is really required for their golf game but the difference between using a laser rangefinder and getting a yardage to the middle of the green can often be anywhere between half a club and two clubs difference. Not to mention the range of other yardages you can quickly measure, such as the distance to a looming hazard off the tee.

The Bushnell Tour X is without doubt the best rangefinder Bushnell has ever made and it’s a worthy addition to any golf bag to give those exact distances you need for your best shot at a great score.

The Bushnell Tour X rangefinder was provided for review in line with Aussie Golfer’s product review policy.

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