REVIEW: Seed SD-01 ‘The Pro’ Golf Ball

We’ve been testing out a the new Seed SD-01 golf ball over the summer and we think it’s worth testing out for yourself.

There is a small, growing golf ball movement going on. Over the past five years a number of new golf ball brands have popped up on the market that are performing just as well as the big name brands – at a much more affordable price. Another of these new golf ball brands crossed the desk here at Aussie Golfer and we can say that after a few months of testing, the new Seed golf balls are well worth your time.

We were sent the Seed SD-01, The Pro golf balls to test – a 3 Piece Tour Grade ball with a cast urethane cover. Here are our thoughts.

Nicely packaged in a box that looks a lot like a packet of lawn seed you’d get at your local nursery, the Irish based company have launched a range of three different golf balls to suit different level of golfers.

The Seed SD-01 is as long as any of the big name brands we’ve used and had enough feel to be confident enough to attempt to fade or draw shots depending on the hole. With my particular low ball flight it did feel like I was getting a little less spin off the tee and got more distance than I was expecting on numerous occasions.

The Seed SD-01 felt good off the club face across the full range of clubs and particularly nice at impact with the shorter irons from inside 150 metres.

Around the greens was the only place we thought the Seed SD-01 was a little lacking. But we stress “a little”. A couple of times we didn’t quite get the check we were expecting from a sweetly nipped chip shot that we may get from softer golf balls. And while we did think the Seed SD-01 felt a little firmer off the putter face (and louder when it fell into the hole) we putted very well and would gladly stand over this golf ball to make a 10-footer to win the match.

Perhaps the biggest complement for the Seed SD-01 came from a single-figure playing partner who is usually very fickle when it comes to which golf ball he uses. Rarely using anything but the high-end golf ball brands, after playing a few holes he replied that he had barely noticed he was playing the SD-01. It felt and responded the same way as the golf balls he usually uses. Not a scientific example by any means but telling nonetheless.

All up we really liked the Seed SD-01. It definitely had the distance we are used to seeing from the expensive big name brands with good feel and control around the greens.

Seed golf ball’s claim of “Same performance, half the price” may well be true in our experience. We can definitely recommend these golf balls. Well worth checking out for yourself across the rest of the summer and beyond.

The SD-01 Seed golf balls are currently retailing for $39 a dozen in Australia through Golf Clearance Outlet.

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