Review: GolfBuddy BB5 golf GPS band

GolfBuddy have released the first ever GPS golf band.

golfbuddy bb5

GolfBuddy have released the first golf GPS band on the market. The GolfBuddy BB5 is thinner and lighter than any of the GPS watches available, and looks like a slick fitness band – aimed squarely at golfers.

The GolfBuddy has three modes – golf, step and time, with a number of different band colours available to suit your style for the day. The display is off by default and requires a button press to switch on for each mode. The step function just acts as a pedometer and simply records your steps each day.

But what about the golf function? How does that stack up?

bb5instaThe BB5 is pretty stripped back but does a clean, quick job of acquiring course information and giving you a distance.

We tried the BB5 on a couple of Australian golf courses in different states and each time it had no problem automatically locating the course we were on, with a seamless transition from hole to hole. A distance to the front, centre and back of the green is displayed by clicking one of the buttons on the side of the face.

We had no problem with battery life. In fact we played two rounds separated by six days (occasionally checking the time and number of steps taken) and did not have to recharge the BB5. One of those days was played in light rain – the GolfBuddy BB5 is thankfully waterproof.

We initially had a concern with the display orientation. Much like some other fitness bands, information is displayed lengthways, meaning you’ll need to turn your head (or arm) slightly to read the display. After a few holes we got used to the display and it wasn’t a concern for long.

The golf mode is limited to GPS-enabled distances to the front, centre and back of the green only. Some golfers may have an issue with this sort of minimal information but we wonder if this might suit golfers who don’t need (or want) too much information.

While road-testing the GolfBuddy BB5 we had a few enquiries off the golf course asking what sort of fitness band it was, primarily due to its sleek looking design. The GolfBuddy BB5 is a golf GPS band that does the job of giving you quick, simple information while on the golf course – and keeping you looking sharp while off it.

The GolfBuddy BB5 has a RRP of $299.95 in Australia and is available in stores now.

A GolfBuddy BB5 was sent to Aussie Golfer for review.

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