Probe your golf swing with this portable 3D analyser

We’ve been road-testing the latest in personal, portable golf swing analysers over the past few weeks and we’re impressed with what we’ve seen.

The Golf Sense 3D Swing Analyser is a Bluetooth enabled device that incorporates a three-dimensional sensor system to give real-time feedback on your golf swing.

Once you’ve downloaded the Golf Sense 3D Swing Analyser app for your iPhone (or iPad) and paired it with device via Bluetooth, you’re set to go.

The Swing Analyser fits over the Velcro fastener on your golf glove and after a quick calibration you can take a golf swing with the information transferring to the app as soon as your swing is finished.

The sensors monitor the golf swing by measuring its position and orientation in space to give information about swing tempo, acceleration, speed, position and posture.

Opening the app will give you instant feedback on your golf swing in the form of a 3D representation of your swing plane that you can view in slow motion or in reverse.

The app is simple and intuitive to use with a fast, efficient tutorial that won’t eat into your time on the range.

The Golf Sense 3D Swing Analyser is lightweight and is barely noticeable during the course of your golf swing. It’s very simple to use and easily recognises the difference between setting up and the golf swing itself.

In summary, we love the way the Golf Sense 3D Swing Analyser utilises modern, convenient technology to give instant feedback on your golf swing that you can compare easily against old swing data.

It gives you the best chance of ironing out any creases in that already majestic golf swing of yours.

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