Tiger Woods winds back the clock with epic fairway bunker shot

If you haven’t seen this shot from Tiger Woods already we share it here for posterity as this one will be shown again and again for years to come.

At the par-4 9th hole at Club de Golf Chapultepec during the second round of the WGC Mexico Championship, Tiger Woods found himself in a fairway bunker, and perhaps strangely, a tree lay between his ball and the green 103-yards away.

“The ball was sitting down just enough where I didn’t think I could clear that tree,” Woods said. “I also had 130 yards, but it’s hard to get it up when the ball’s sitting down like that. So I went back to try to cut it with an eight iron, then I realised that’s going to come out too hot; it’s going to miss the slope.”

“I ended up going back to the nine iron and realised, ‘Jeez, I’ve really got to slice this thing’. So I opened up and gave it as much of a cut motion as I possibly could, and it worked out.”

And while this bunker doesn’t quite look like the hazard many of us club golfers are used to, this is still one heck of a golf shot that few in the game can pull off.

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