Marc Leishman to officially launch Leishman Lager beer in the US

Marc Leishman is soon officially launching a beer named after himself and it’s proved so popular he’s looking to launch it nationally across the US.

So that’s the bad news for Australian beer lovers (and Marc Leishman fans), the beer is currently only available in the US. But he plans to change that.

The beer was originally launched in the US state of Virginia to raise funds for his wife’s Begin Again Foundation, but its popularity has meant their making more batches with the aim to sell it regularly in Virginia and hopefully across the US.

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The lager, which combines Australian and German hops including Magnum and Helga, has an ABV of 4.7% and is described as having a “dry, crisp malt profile with notes of lime zest”.

Currently, the lager is available in local stores and at around 100 restaurants and bars within the state, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Leishman’s foundation.

Helen Ross at the PGA of Australia reports that Leishman he wanted it to taste a bit like a Furphy:

Leishman wanted it to be a light beer, not unlike one from Australia called Furphy. The hops the brewers used even come from Down Under, a mixture of Pride of Ringwood (used in Foster’s and Victoria Bitters) and Helga, which brings in floral and citrus-like notes.

“I’m not smart enough to know what I want to put in beers and all that to make it taste a certain way,” Leishman says. “So, I left that to the brewers, but I did put the hops in the first batch.

“Apart from that, I’ll sort leave it up to them. We’ve tweaked it a little bit here and there. For the most part, it’s pretty similar to how it was the first batch.”

Leishman has hinted he’d love to see it available in Australia at some stage but for the moment you’ll need to get across to Virginia to taste it.

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