Keeping pace with the street golf shoe revolution

Here is a look at some of the street styled golf shoes available in Australia.

There is a small revolution going on in the world of golf shoes. Years after most of us had been crying out for a funkier, more comfortable pair of golf shoes, street styled golf shoes have finally hit the shelves.

The first blip on the radar came when Fred Couples wore the ECCO Street Golf shoes at the 2010 US Masters. Australia had to wait until 2011 for the shoes to reach our shores and their popularity took ECCO by surprise. Even now it can be difficult to get your hands on the shoes.

Now, other street-styled golf shoes are appearing in golf stores with companies such as FootJoy and Callaway releasing their own styles. In addition, some brands have not released their shoes in Australia just yet, but some of them can be purchased online.

Here is a run down of some of my favourite looking street golf shoes you may be seeing in Australian golf stores, as well as a few you can only order online. Make sure you check out the website for each as they all come in a range of colours and styles. They all look very cool and more importantly, very comfortable.

ECCO and Fred Couples started the street golf shoe trend that many of us had been crying out for and we’ve previously reviewed the ECCO Golf Street shoes here at Aussie Golfer.

The ECCO Golf Street is an incredibly comfortable golf shoe and the pre-moulded traction bar sole offered good grip in all conditions. In addition, ECCO have released their new BIOM hybrid collection of golf shoes which feature a style of street shoe that looks great, perhaps better than the Golf Street collection.

FootJoy is fast becoming the shoe of choice for many Australian golfers. Comfort have been there thing for years and they have recently released their own street style golf show.

The FJ Street golf shoe is not strictly a street golf shoe in that it has golf spikes on the bottom of it, but the look of the shoe is about as ‘street’ as you can get. Indeed, if it weren’t for the spikes, I could see these in skate parks everywhere.

A new street version of their Contour Series has been released, but no sign of it on the website or in Australia as yet.

The Callaway Del Mar is Callaway’s foray into the golf street shoe and was only recently launched in Australia. It subsequently sold out very quickly.

The Del Mar features a pre-moulded sole with soft spikes included. It still looks like a shoe you could wear to and from the course with comfort. The moulded insert should also improve stability in what looks like a very slick golf shoe. Callaway representatives told us that a new batch of Callway Del Mar’s were to arrive in Australia in this month. 

Now here is the first of a couple of shoes that aren’t available in Australia, but you can easily order them online.

True Linkswear

True Linkswear golf shoes have a distinct look about them with some cool colour combinations. It’s just a great looking shoe, let alone a golf shoe and they’ve gone about making it a comfortable golf show in a slightly different way.

True Linkswear claim to be the closest thing to walking the fairways barefoot with a very thin sole with moulded traction dimples in the bottom.

The presidents of True Linkswear president emailed Aussie Golfer to confirm that these shoes are not available in Australia at the moment, but a number of orders have been shipped to Australia through the website (US$30 delivery)

You can really make a statement with the Kikkor shoes with some very unique, flamboyant styles and colours. They certainly aren’t the sortof golf shoes older golfers would wear, and I think that’s the point.

They’re like a cross between basketball and skate shoes. Some have spikes in the sole while others have the pre-moulded traction. The kikkor’s tend to have a thickset sole for a little extra support and comfort too.

Kikkor golf shoes aren’t yet available in Australia yet either but you can easily order a pair online (US$30 for delivery.)

I add the Adidas collection for completeness only, as the new collections aren’t available in Australia, or to be purchased online.

You could argue the Adidas Traxion lite was one of the first street style golf shoes, but given Adidas are on of the world’s most well-known street shoe brands, I always they’d Adidas be quicker with a street style golf shoe release.

The Adicross has just been released and has a rubber traction style sole. Designed to be waterproof and with a low-profile for greater stability. Their famous Samba shoe has finally been released as a golf shoe stuff with spiked soles and a colour range as good as any.

Only the Adidas Traxion Lite has been available in Australia. Sadly I haven’t seen a whiff of the Adicross or the Samba shoes in Australia yet.

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  • February 5, 2013 at 05:52

    I was looking for a review of the best golf shoes and after some frustration found your site. The review, and the shoes, were on the money. Good concise information and links to local retailers here in northern NSW.
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