Handy Cap shuts down, Golf Australia developing new app

The popular Handy Cap app will no longer function but a replacement app from Golf Australia is in the works.

The Handy Cap golf app which helped Australian golfers quickly view friends’ up-to-date handicaps has been shut down after talks between the app’s developer and Golf Australia broke down.

Earlier this week, the Handy Cap app displayed a message indicating the app will no longer function as it won’t be able to access Australian golf handicap information.

Golf Australia issued a statement on Tuesday indicating that while data security was an issue, ultimately negotiations between GA and the app developer broke down.

Golf Australia had been in talks with the application’s developer to acquire Handy Cap in order that use of the app could continue.

However, these talks broke down.

While Golf Australia apologises to those who use the app regularly, it also asks that people understand the reasons behind this decision.

Golf Australia’s Mark Hayes chatted about the Handy Cap situation on the latest Inside The Ropes podcast (from 46:50min below) admitting they couldn’t come to an agreement with the developer of Handy Cap.

“The negotiation went in good spirits, it was well done,” Hayes said. “And if I’m being absolutely fair dinkum with you here, which I need to be because we are getting pole-axed for shutting down this app.  And we tried our best to keep it up and about.”

“The price difference from what we can build an app for, and what was being asked by the owner of the app was so far apart that it made no commercial sense to do it.”

While it would have been nice to have had Handy Cap up and running while a new app is being developed, it is difficult to speculate on the details of the negotiations and the disappointing resolution.

Handy Cap filled the void left after the failed GolfLink Mates feature (almost a decade ago) teased us with the potential for a great social golf app.

App development, no matter how simple, is difficult to get right. It always takes longer, and costs more money than anticipated – I can personally vouch for that.

While it is hard to predict the effect of COVID-19 on golf and particularly Golf Australia, let’s hope the gap in this market can be plugged quickly and with the ease of functionality that the Handy Cap app provided.

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