PGA Tour fantasy golf tipping website launched

Teepster is a new, free One & Done PGA Tour fantasy golf website where you can create your own league.

This is a shameless plug. It’s something I’ve been working on for a long time but something I’m very excited to finally share.

After a number of years of frustration at developers (with one leaving and very little to show for it) I’ve finally created Teepster.

What is Teepster?

It’s a free PGA Tour fantasy golf website with two fun ways to play against your friends.

Each week you select a golfer from the upcoming PGA Tour event. Their winnings are your (virtual) winnings! Create a league to compete against your friends or your fellow club members for the most prize-money over the season.

How to play?

Sign up, create a league and invite your friends to join the league. We’ve kept the tipping options deliberately simple. This isn’t fantasy-style golf, it is golf tipping fun for golf fans who don’t have a lot of time on their hands.

One and Done League: Each player in the league selects a golfer each week – but you can only select the same golfer once per season. So choose carefully.

When can you start playing?

You can start playing any time for free. The PGA Tour season begins this week (Thursday Oct 4) but you can start a league and begin playing at any time.

I’m keen to get more people playing and as much feedback as possible. So join up, create a league for your friends and play!

What is next?

I’ve got much more planned for Teepster. Right now there are two tipping games to play and you can play them with your friends. But there are more features on the horizon to make Teepster even more fun to play.

Sign up and stay tuned.

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