GolfLink Mates soon to be relaunched

GolfLink is about to launch an updated version of GolfLink Mates in early June, and Aussie Golfer will be giving away yearly subscriptions.

GolfLink is the official Australian handicapping network. By entering your official GolfLink handicap number you can access, among other things, your handicapping information.

GolfLink Mates is an additional subscription-based ($30 a year) network that gives you more features than what you see in the regular GolfLink section, and news has filtered through that the site will soon be relaunched with a sleek new layout and design.

The Mates section gives your full handicap history (last 25 rounds), personalised results and charts, the ability to input your own stats and a way to monitor your position in your state or your club.

It also allows you to connect with your golf mates and compare scores, rankings and handicaps against each other – with the ability to ‘brag’ about your latest scores.

I’ve subscribed to GolfLink Mates for a few years now but found it a little frustrating. Checking out your mates latest scores and rankings has always been a little clunky. It has been an excellent idea in concept but badly needs an overhaul and I can’t wait to see the changes in a few weeks.

The guys at GolfLink have provided Aussie Golfer with a few ‘1-year free membership passes’ for us to giveaway as part of the relaunch. Keep an eye out over the coming weeks for more details at Aussie Golfer.

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