Break 90 with 5 valuable golf tips & practice hacks

Golf tips and golf reviews are given a refreshing twist by Jon Perkins Golf.

We’ve been enjoying the great videos Jon Perkins has been sharing on his YouTube Channel and we thought it was about time we gave it a plug here.

Jon’s got a refreshing, honest style with his equipment reviews and instructional content, presenting viewers with a fresh perspective on optimizing their golf game. Notably, his recent video features a series of practice drills that facilitated his personal journey from being unable to break a score of 90 to achieving the status of a scratch golfer.

In a recent video, Jon shares a few practice drills that have helped him go from a golfer who couldn’t break 90 to a scratch golfer. Make sure you stick around for his fifth and final tip. It’s one almost every amateur golfer on the planet could benefit from.

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