GOLF TIP Set more loft before, instead of during the swing

Australian golf pro Grant Field is Cameron Smith’s coach, so when he offers a few tips on the short game we should listen up.

We’ve been watching Golfslump’s YouTube Channel for the last year or so, and while some of the video titles are a little exaggerated, he’s been producing a ton of great golf content, amassing many thousands of followers along the way.

In a recent video, Cam Smith’s golf coach Grant Field gives tips on the standard pitch shot at the awesome new practice facility at Penican Waters Golf Club.

We’re not convinced the short game tip will change your life as Golfslump suggests, but it does have some big ramifications for your golf game, particularly when trying to eliminate as many sources of error around the greens.

Field suggests eliminating as much wrist movement as possible to loft the ball during a golf swing. Instead, set more loft as desired before you make a swing and lock the wrists into place during the shot.

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