GOLF TIP ALIGNMENT: Don’t forget your shoulders

By all means lay a club down for alignment, but it’s all for nothing unless your shoulders are also square.

Andrew Kloprogge is an Australian PGA professional based at The National on the Mornington Peninsula and here he goes through one of the often overlooked, but fundamental parts of alignment in the golf swing.

Every time I’ve had a lesson, the golf pro moves my shoulders into alignment with almost instant results. And as Andrew mentions here, it’s easy to set a club down and line up but the shoulders are a forgotten aspect of the key to proper alignment.

From the video description on YouTube:

Proper alignment is vital for a good golf swing. Without it, your brain receives a series of mixed and confusing signals from your body regarding your position, as well as where you want to hit the ball. Here, PGA professional Andrew Kloprogge offers a simple exercise to get your shoulder alignment running parallel of and in the same direction as your feet.

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