GOLF TIP Stop three putting by using this simple warm-up game

Here is a golf training drill for the putting green to eliminate those nasty three putts. All done in true Aussie style!

A three-putt is heartbreaking for any golfer at any stage of a round. Two or more of them can completely kill a round. But what can you do to eliminate them?

PGA of Australia professional Rob Williamson demonstrates in true-blue Aussie style, a simple little training drill that you could easily incorporate into your pre-round warm-up.

You do a pre-round warm-up, don’t you?

Even those of us who go straight from the car park to the first tee tend to squeeze in a few minutes on the putting green before a round. So maybe make a few short putts and try this drill to kill those three putts.

Put down a tee a few steps in from the edge of the green and start putting 3 or 4 golf balls a few steps further on.

The idea of the drill is to putt the first golf ball between the tee and the edge of the green. The second putt should then finish in between the last golf ball and the edge of the green. And so on.

If you hit one short, or hit one off the edge of the green, then you must start again.

Here, I’ll let Rob explain it all a little clearer for you.

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